If you’ve been injured in a serious accident, working with an experienced personal injury attorney is crucial to ensuring that you will be fairly compensated for damages. Since injuries can happen in a number of different ways, it’s important to work with a firm that offers the knowledge and experience of a larger firm without sacrificing the personalized support of a private, boutique legal practice.

A Trusted Ally for Corpus Christi Clients Seeking Damages

At Huseman Law Firm, we take on a wide variety of personal injury cases. If you’ve suffered a personal injury, it’s important that you speak with an attorney as soon as possible to ensure that your rights are protected and the details of the case are preserved. Contact Huseman Law Firm to speak with a professional and experienced personal injury lawyer now.

Automobile & Vehicle Accidents

There are important steps to follow after any type of vehicle accident, including, if possible, documenting the scene of the accident, collecting insurance information, and taking down witness reports. Having represented Corpus Christi clients for over 40 years, we strongly recommend talking with one of our lawyers before issuing a statement to an insurance company (including your own).

Premises Liability

It is the responsibility of property owners to provide a safe environment for anyone who is invited onto their property. Owners may be held liable if you’ve been hurt due to unsafe conditions — e.g. poorly maintained sidewalks, potholes, falling objects, inadequate lighting, uneven walking surfaces, defective fencing or locks, faulty drains, etc. These cases are often complex and require skilled legal counsel.

Wrongful Death Claims

We can assist you in filing a “wrongful death” claim if a loved one was killed due to the negligence or misconduct of a company, entity, or individual. It is critical to enlist the counsel of an experienced wrongful death attorney to help navigate the complicated legal process and ease the emotional strain of an already difficult time. For more information regarding who can file a wrongful death claim, contact our office today.

Insurance Claims/”Bad Faith”

Some insurance companies will work extremely hard to avoid paying damages when an accident or tragedy occurs. The knowledgeable team at Huseman Law Firm has litigated numerous types of insurance claims, including those involving automobile insurance, mortgage insurance, accident insurance, coverage denial, no fault insurance and disability insurance. Trust us: we can help.

Product Liability

Whenever you purchase a product, you are counting on it to be safe. A product must be manufactured, labeled, and marketed in accordance with state and federal regulations. A poorly manufactured product can be deadly, and improper labeling or marketing can put your health at risk. At Huseman Law Firm, we can help determine your case’s viability and provide objective counsel every step of the way.